Participant List

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Participant List of GFSNP 2023

First and Last NameUniversity/
CountryPresentation TypePresentation Title
1‪Abdelmejid BayadUniversité d’Evry Val d’EssonneFranceOralElliptic Bernoulli Polynomials arising from Jacobi modular forms
2Naim L. BrahaUniversity of PrishtinaRepublic of KosovaOralKorovkin type theorems and some applications
3Ismail Naci CangulBursa Uludag UniversityTurkeyOralThe Number of Realizations of a Degree Sequence
4Ahmet Sinan CevikSelcuk UniversityTurkeyOralA consequence of deficiencies on monoids
5Daeyeoul KimJeonbuk National UniversitySouth KoreaOralDirichlet convolution and triangular number
6Taekyun KimKwangwoon UniversitySouth KoreaOralIdentities on degenerate hyperharmonic numbers
7Dmitry KruchininTomsk State University of Control Systems and RadioelectronicsRussiaOralAn electronic encyclopedia of number pyramids for the generating functions
8Mustafa AlkanAkdeniz UniversityTurkeyOralThe color composition and its algorithms
9İrem KüçükoğluAlanya Alaaddin Keykubat UniversityTurkeyOralMultiparametric Hermite-based Simsek polynomials
10Rahime DereAlanya Alaaddin Keykubat UniversityTurkeyOralA note on the Narumi polynomials
11Neslihan KılarNiğde Ömer Halisdemir UniversityTurkeyOralSome novel formulas for special numbers via trigonometric functions
12Damla GünAkdeniz UniversityTurkeyOralFormulae for exponential Apostol-Genocchi splines
13Elif BozoAkdeniz UniversityTurkeyOralSome New Formulas derived from generating function for derangement numbers
14Ezgi PolatAkdeniz UniversityTurkeyOralNotes on Bernoulli polynomials associated with linear map on the set of rational numbers
15Sayım IşıkAkdeniz UniversityTurkeyListener
16Erkan AğyüzGaziantep UniversityTurkeyOralA Note on Positive Linear Operators Obtained with the Help of the Generating Functions Method
17Chandrashekar AdigaUniversity of MysoreIndiaOralRamanujan-type congruences for 7 and 49 – regular partitions modulo powers of 7
18Öznur KulakAmasya UniversityTurkeyOralOn the some variable exponent function
spaces with different measures
19Ahmet AltürkAmasya UniversityTurkeyOralA Note on the Generating Function
for Hermite Polynomials
20Füsun YalçınAkdeniz UniversityTurkeyOralFactor Analysis and Assumptions From Multivariate Statistical Methods
21Yasemin LeventeliAkdeniz UniversityTurkeyListener
22Hamdullah BaşaranSuleyman Demirel UniversityTurkeyOralSharper Berezin Radius Inequality
23Elif ŞükrüoğluAkdeniz UniversityTurkeyOralGenerating functions for a new family of sequence
24Beyza ÇetinAkdeniz UniversityTurkeyOralA new approximation method to solve linear pantograph equations with nonhomogeneous
25Nejma UgljaninAkdeniz UniversityTurkeyListener
26Özlem KaraağaçlıAkdeniz UniversityTurkeyListener
27Simge YılmazAkdeniz UniversityTurkeyListener
28Dudu Şeyma KunAkdeniz UniversityTurkeyListener
29Ahmet YardımcıAkdeniz UniversityTurkeyListener
30Elif ÇetinManisa Celal Bayar UniversityTurkeyOralA Note on Trigonometric Identities of the Special Finite Sums
31Yağmur ÇetinAkdeniz UniversityTurkeyOralRemarks on Graph Type Polynomials Involved in Chemistry and Linear Recurrence Relation
32Hacer Özden AynaBursa Uludag UniversityTurkeyOralRemarks on Line Graphs Related to Omega Invariant
33Tibor K. PogányUniversity of RijekaCroatiaOralTruncation error upper bounds in derivative Whittaker–type plane sampling reconstruction
34Mehmet Ali ÖzarslanEastern Mediterranean UniversityNorthern CyprusOralBivariate Mittag-Leffler functions arising
in the solutions of convolution integral equation with 2D-Laguerre–Konhauser polynomials in the kernel
35Yagub N. AliyevADA UniversityAzerbaijanOralCatalan Numbers and Digits of Square Root of Repunit Numbers
36İrem AdıyamanAmasya UniversityTurkeyOralMultilinear Multipliers on Some Weighted Function Spaces
37Nurten Urlu ÖzalanKTO Karatay UniversityTurkeyOralThe second omega index for special graph product
38Mustafa Gürhan YalçınAkdeniz UniversityTurkeyOralRare Earth Element Contents on Yolan Plateau in Comparison with other Plateaus, Cameroon
39Niyazi Uğur KoçkalAkdeniz UniversityTurkeyOralNumerical Analysis Of Effect Of Recycled Aggregate Particle Size On Concrete Properties
40Clemente CesaranoInternational Telematic University UninettunoItalyOralSome results of new generalized Apostol–type Frobenius–Euler polynomials
41Nenad P. CakićState University of Novi PazarSerbiaOralNew Results On Generalized Stirling Numbers
42Ceyda MıhAkdeniz UniversityTurkeyListener
43Nino SamashviliAmerican University of the Middle EastKuwaitOralApproximation problem in Musielak-Orlicz Spaces
44Aykut Ahmet AygunesAntalyaTurkeyOralExponential function emerging from the partial Hecke operator
45Tahmi NabilÉcole Normale Supérieure de LaghouatAlgeriaPosterRemarks on some multiple Dirichlet series of completely multiplicative arithmetic functions
46Benkhedda HananeUniversité Djillali LiabesAlgeriaPosterGlobal existence and energy decay of solutions to a wave equation with a dynamic boundary dissipation of fractional derivative type
47Halima KadariDjillali Liabes UniversityAlgeriaOralMultiple positive solutions for an impulsive systems with three point boundary
48Emin ÖzçağHacettepe UniversityTurkeyOralThe Distributional Compositions of Dirac-delta Function with Infinitely Differentiable Functions
49Figen ÖkeTrakya UniversityTurkeyOralOn Lifting Polynomials and Distinguished Pairs
50Sabah BaibecheUniversity 20 Aout 1955AlgeriaOralOn the stability of transmission problem for wave equations under effects of microtemperatures in the presence of distributed delay
51Oulia BouhoufaniUniversity Batna 2AlgeriaOral1-) A coupled system of nonlinear hyperbolic equations with weak damping and variable exponents: global wellposedness and decay
52Oulia BouhoufaniUniversity Batna 2AlgeriaOral2-) Blow up of solutions with positive-initial data of an hyperbolic coupled system with strong nonlinearities.
53Gradimir V. MilovanovićSerbian Academy of Sciences and ArtsSerbiaOralOrthogonal Polynomials and Inequalities of Wirtinger’s Type
54Hye Kyung KimDaegu Catholic UniversitySouth KoreaOralThe higher-order new Fubini-type numbers and polynomials
55Subuhi KhanAligarh Muslim UniversityIndiaOralUmbral Approach to Generalized Bessel Functions
56Baya LaadjalUniversity of BiskraAlgeriaOralBifurcation analysis in a fractional discrete predator-prey model
57Jeffrey O. ShallitUniversity of WaterlooCanadaOralNew Results in Additive Number Theory via Automata and Combinatorics on Words
58Buket SimsekAkdeniz UniversityTurkeyListener
59Seçil BilgiçIstanbul Aydin UniversityTurkeyOralOn the Second Type Unified Apostol-Bernoulli Type Polynomials
60Eda YülüklüUşak UniversityTurkeyOralA note on Hermite base combinatorial polynomials and numbers
61Bessioud KarimaUniversity of Souk AhrasAlgeriaPosterPeriodicity in Nonlinear Neutral Mixed Type Levin-Nohel Integro-Differential Equations
62Valdete LokuUniversiteti i Shkencave të Aplikuara në FerizajRepublic of KosovaOralSome applications of the Korovkin type theorems
63Yuriy ShablyaTomsk State University of Control Systems and RadioelectronicsRussiaOralDevelopment of combinatorial generation
algorithms for discrete structures associated with
the Fubini numbers
64Mehnaz HaneefAligarh Muslim UniversityIndiaOralPost Quantum Sheffer Sequences: Properties and Applications